Namish Taneja

My parents and my sister got emotional when we reunited: Namish Taneja on returning home after self-isolation


Actor Namish Taneja had recently shared that his family had tested positive for Covid-19.

The actor, who is currently seen on Dangal TV’s Aye Mere Humsafar had self-isolated himself. He was staying away from his family in another flat. Now when his family has recovered, Namish has finally returned home.

Sharing his experience of returning home after being self-isolated, Namish said, “When I returned home, my family members welcomed me as if Lord Ram has returned from his exile. It was a beautiful moment to finally meet them. When I met my dad and hugged him, he felt relaxed. It was the first time I hugged my parents after they recovered. It was a mixed feeling for me. The unexpectedness of the situation and the sad feeling of not being able to meet your loved ones who are going through tough times was difficult to deal. I even lost weight due to this stressful condition. My parents and my sister got emotional when we reunited. We had a small celebration at home with some of my favorite dishes to celebrate their victory over the deadly virus.”

“This unfortunate situation got me thinking about the condition of people who are unable to afford the costs of the treatment and other miscellaneous expenses. I have been thankful to God for the privileges I have been blessed with, to be able to manage this situation. With proper medical care and strong will power, my parents recovered properly. I feel sad thinking about those people who don’t have their families around during such times. The plight of those who cannot afford different houses for self-isolation, treatment costs etc. made me realise their difficulties.” said Namish, in retrospection. 

After self-isolation, Namish is back on the set of Aye Mere Humsafar. 

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