Ishq Mein Marjawaan 2

Rrahul (Sudhir) suited the character bang on when we auditioned him: Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 producer Mamta Yash Patnaik


Work might have slowed down everywhere due to the current Covid-19 situation but not in Mamta and Yash Patnaik’s Ishq Mein Marjawan 2. The show has been airing seven days a week, since the 4th of October.

“Many of our shows have been aired all days a week, so we are used to the extensive production and creative planning that goes into it. This time it is more demanding due to the Covid-19 situation. We are adhering to strict rules to maintain health and proper hygiene on the set. Plus we have a great team of cast and crew and a very supportive team at Colors TV. We have been able to maintain a healthy episode bank,” says Mamta.

Actor Rrahul Sudhir, who plays the role of Vansh in the show, has been getting a lot of appreciation.

Talking about how he came on board, Mamta says, “The Character of Vansh is extremely layered. I had a very clear image in my mind when I was working on it. We were auditioning many known and popular faces from television. Then suddenly, I saw the audition of Rrahul. I had not seen any of his work till then and I didn’t know of him but he suited the character bang on. So, I asked my team to lock him and stop auditioning any more. I somehow was very sure right in the first audition that he is perfect for the job. He proved it with his hard work and dedication,” she says.

Mamta and Yash’s production house has given some great shows such as Sadda Haq, Kuch Rang Pyaar Aise Bhi. Credit goes to their great teamwork!

“We have agreed to disagree on almost everything! Jokes apart! Yash handles the business but he is very creative and artistic. In fact, he is my first bouncing board for all my stories and he is also my best critic. His knowledge in visualization, production and planning is apt and adds a lot of value to the scripts and grandeur of our shows,” Mamta says.

She adds, “We complete each other in many ways. We are very different from each other. I am more messy and like my things scattered around while he is very organized. I am not very fond of cooking but he is an excellent cook. We like to laugh on silly things and enjoy our Saturday evenings with Aarav, our dog Jake, his cooking and some wine!”

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