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People look at you with a lot of doubt: Sharad Malhotra on COVID fear

There is no sigh of relief as far as the numbers of COVID-19 cases are concerned. With the process of ‘unlock’, life is slowly getting back to normalcy but there is no denying that everyone is still scared of the Coronavirus. Actor Sharad Malhotra shares that this outbreak has made everyone look at each other with suspicion.

He feels that everyone is trying their best to take precautions and maintain social-distancing but there is a lot of fear around because of the risk of getting infected.

“I don’t think that the COVID scare has reduced. I can talk about Mumbai, when I step out, I see a lot of fear and people look at you with a lot of doubt. There is always this question mark in people’s head that what if the person next to them is infected. That’s the kind of environment we are living in now. It’s very shaky and not pleasant,” he said.

Sharad further said that there is a section of society that is oblivious to the idea and are completely unaffected. He added, “Then there is a major section of the society that is still moving very cautiously but I think the majority of the people are still scared. I think the new normal is not a very happy normal. You see masks everywhere, there is no smile, no joy.”

When the government of Maharashtra eased restrictions on outdoor physical activities, a photograph from Marine Drive soon went viral on the internet. In the pic, people were seen sporting masks however social-distancing was not followed. 

Talking about the same, the actor said, “When I saw the Marine Drive pic, it was literally swarming with people. Somewhere I was very agitated and irritated that we need to be responsible individually. I wouldn’t blame them because they were stuck in their homes for 90 days. As humans we are so vulnerable right now, we have not seen anything like this in our lives. In fact, I have not sat at home for this long ever, I have been working round the clock. So working, non-working, imagine being forced to sit at home for so long.”

He mentioned that it’s okay if one wants to step out but they need to be careful.

“I don’t blame them! After all that you need a breather but it was full of people and nobody was maintaining social-distancing. It’s ok if you are going out but just be cautious and be responsible. You could be a carrier of the virus with a great immune system but may be the other person is not. So just think about the other person and be careful,” Sharad signed off.

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