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Did you know Vijayendra Kumeria used to work as a Cabin Crew of an Airline?

Actor Vijayendra Kumeria, who hails from Ahmedabad, had come to Mumbai in the year 2006 to work as a cabin crew with a reputed airline. After doing this job for few years he decided to follow his passion for acting and then he left his job.

He says, ”I have worked as a cabin crew in both domestic and international sectors. I was in Qatar for 2 years and was getting a good salary. The job was a secure one but I wanted to become an actor and wanted to give it a try. My mother was very reluctant about this but I convinced her by giving myself a target of one and a half year. If nothing was working then I would have left acting but destiny had a different plan.”

“I started with small roles and then gradually got lead roles. My shows Shastri Sisters and Udann gave me meaty roles and the audience liked my work. Udann was a life changing experience for me. The role had multiple layers and the turnaround from a negative to a positive role was liked by the audience. Naagin has contributed in my career graph. The feedback has been amazing,” he adds.

Interestingly, Vijayendra met his wife Preeti while working for the airline. Preeti was also a cabin crew member. He adds, ”We met at work and gradually we realized that our dreams, aspirations and thought processes are same. When your life partner has the same dream that you have, then that’s the best feeling in the world. We also have a beautiful daughter to complete our family. I have no regrets of leaving a steady job. Preeti is currently taking care of our production house – Kumeria Productions.” 

On being asked about the lockdown he says, “I am staying at home and urge all my audiences to follow the guidelines as stated by the government. Nothing is more important than your life at this stage.

Way to go, Vijayendra.

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