Its not necessary to have a social circle according to me: Vivian Dsena


Actor Vivian Dsena who enjoys a huge fan base, talks about his career, changes in the industry and the love for his fans in this conversation. Excerpts –

What do you do to beat the heat?

I usually drink a lot of water. I drink a lot of Butter Milk too and eat a lot of Watermelons.

Are you particular about the colors you wear in summer?

No, not at all. I am only particular about drinking and eating and obviously, if you stay in the Sun for a longer period then you should not go into the air-conditioned area directly. It’s a precautionary measure that I usually take.

What does creativity means to you?

Satisfaction! I act as I love to be creative and emote on camera. I live and thrive on my creativity.

How do you unwind? What is your ‘me-time’?

My ‘me-time’ is painting and spending time with myself.

You are not a movie buff. You don’t aspire to do Bollywood. Why?

I love watching films. As far as acting goes, if you give me a Bollywood film and say that it will make my career and if you give me a TV soap which I like then I will choose the TV soap as I love it and I am attached to it. I believe there is no difference between TV and Bollywood today. I believe the only source of entertainment is Netflix.

Tell us about your love for food.

There are some people who eat to live but I am somebody who lives to eat. I am a big foodie but I love to eat at home mostly. I am somebody who lives life like every normal human being. It’s not that I don’t eat outside food. I stop at highways to drink and eat. I eat street food too but due to star quotient sometimes we have to rush away from public places.

Do you cook?

I do cook. I always try to cook a meal once a week for my Mother and my Maasi. I try to cook a lot of varieties of Khichdi as its light for the stomach and great for the summers. I cook Paneer Khichdi, Spinach Khichdi and our traditional Khichdi.

What does friendship mean to you? Do you have friends?

True friendship means faith. I have friends but I don’t talk to them for 3-4 months. They are my 4 AM friends. I have their numbers on my speed dial and I can call them at 4 AM if needed. 

Actors can’t be friends. Please comment. 

Firstly, what I have heard from people is that my contemporaries consider me to be out of the industry, like an outsider who has come to this industry. Like somebody who has come from a different town and works in their town. So, this concludes that I may not have a lot of friends in the industry. I am a simple person and I cannot have faith in everyone I meet. I don’t bother about what is happening in the industry as long as it’s not affecting me. If it really bothers me then I will make sure that I get rid of it.

Do you think it’s necessary to have social circle?

Does social circle contribute to a person’s success and his monthly expenses? No, right? So, it’s not necessary. Everyone has his own perceptions. I was not so social in the past too. 

You have a huge fan following not only in India but also abroad. Please comment.

It’s a blessing. There are instances when I have seen myself in the mirror and I have said that, ‘Am I the same Vivian Dsena?’ I don’t want to sound pompous but it’s true. What the audience have made me is something that I had never thought of becoming. I came here for modelling and I have never thought of acting as a career but it was in my destiny. 

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3 years ago

U r a blessing to us viv ❤❤
Being a fan to u is a blessing & we all are proud of you 😍❤

We love u & will support u always ❤❤❤