This Mother’s Day, TV actors share how their Mothers have shaped their lives


It is a known fact that a Mother’s teaching and her ideologies plays a great role/impact in shaping a child’s future. This Mother’s day, television actors from Dangal TV share how their Mother’s guidance have inspired them and molded them to reach where they are.

Chetan Hansraj with his Mom

Chetan Hansraj from Alif Laila

Today whatever I am is because of my Mom. When I was 5 years old I expressed to her that I wanted to be a model. It was because of her efforts that I did over 250 Ads as a child actor. My interest in acting was given wings because of my Mom and I owe everything to her. She has always supported me throughout. Till today whenever I do a show or film she’s the one who gives me her honest feedback. I love her for everything that she has given me and for her unconditional support.

Ashish Sharma with his Mom

Ashish Sharma from Chandragupta Maurya

My Mother is the eldest daughter in law in the house. She was the first woman who came other than my grandmother in a house full of boys. Being from a small village, she took it upon herself to not just take care of the household, liberate herself but to pave the way for future women coming in the family to have a voice. She is the decision maker in the house till date. Warm and loving is what Mothers always are. Today my wife tells me, I am proud of the way you’re brought up and I guess that sums up about the learning from my Mother.

Shiny Doshi with her Mom

Shiny Doshi from Alif Laila

As a kid I used to act and try to be like my brother, that’s when my Mother taught me to be myself. She taught me the importance of self-love and the power of being a woman. This is the first lesson that I learnt from her as a child. I am really grateful to her for making me the person I am today. She has been a very strict Mother to me, even as a child. She taught me the importance and value of things. I would want to wish all the Mothers on this day. It is a very special day to celebrate them. Nothing in the world can be compared to the kind of love that a Mother showers on their kids. Also, one of the most important skills that I have learnt from my Mother is cooking, which is helping me now in these quarantine days.

Rati Pandey with her Mom

Rati Pandey from Devi : Aadi Parashakti

I believe that all Mothers are an inspiration in themselves. They have all taught us unconditional love and many other lessons through the journey of life! With that said, talking of my Mother, she has been my role model and inspiration both professionally and personally. She has taught me how to find happiness in every situation and moments of life, be it good or bad, difficult or worse. In fact she has always been my best friend and my pillar of strength. She understands me beyond spoken words and even when I’m hiding moments of my life, she finds away to say the right things and help me cope up with my problems.

Most of all, she always told me to strive to achieve. She has helped me to fight problems and aspire to be better. So as the pillar of my life, she has always inspired me to strive for more.

Tarun Khanna and his Mom

Tarun Khanna from Devi : Aadi Parashakti

My Mother was my first guru and my first friend. She taught me to respect everyone and to be kind always. The biggest lesson that she taught me was humanity is the best religion. She was the most humble and honest person I’ve ever met and whatever I am today, I owe it to her.

Madhura Naik with her Mom

Madhura Naik from Alif Laila

The biggest learning I’ve got from my Mother is how to cook (haha) and thank God for that, since I go on extended outdoor schedules to shoot at places where I have to eat the food provided on the set, I carry my induction plate and cook myself a meal on that. One special moment with her was a triple seat bike ride on our way back to the hotel in Pataya, Thailand.

Aparna Dixit with her Mom

Aparna Dixit from Pyaar ki Luka Chuppi

She is my biggest strength. She has taught me finding joy and happiness in the simplest of things. She has taught me the balance between ambition and satisfaction. She has taught me patience, kindness, selflessness and love. Since childhood I have seen my Mother go through all the circumstances with a smile and hopeful eyes.

A very Happy Mother’s Day to all the SuperMoms from ItsEZone!

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