Harshad Chopda Interview

My idea of content is something that should inspire and motivate people: Harshad Chopda


Harshad Chopda is particular about the kind of stories he associates himself with. The actor, who was last seen in the show ‘Bepannah’ that went off air in 2018, didn’t think before taking a hiatus for two years. Thankfully, he got what he wanted when he was offered Rajan Shahi’s romantic drama ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ on Star Plus. The actor plays the role of Abhimanyu in the third season of this popular trilogy.

“I am particular about my work and I had decided to wait for a role that was worth it. I also knew that if my bank balance dipped to a certain limit then I would pick up whatever role came my way to sustain. Thankfully it didn’t come to that!” says the actor, who prefers staying away from the limelight when not working. He dedicates himself to brushing up his skills during his sabbatical from work.

As an artist, Harshad understands his responsibility that goes beyond being an entertainer. For he understands that ‘content does affect people’. Hence, choice matters.

“I feel content should leave the audience with an impression for a few days if not more. I think any content should leave a positive mark or a positive mindset in people. Like we all have some films which we enjoy watching when we need a bit of cheering or films that put us in a good mood. Sometimes, people go through stuff in their lives and through entertaining content, if we can provide them with a bit of light or hope then it is worth it,” he adds.

Highlighting the positives of good content, he shares, “Kuch dekh kar kabhi aisa lagta hai, ki haan main yeh kar sakta hoon. If I feel I have done that then I would feel I have nailed it. I am not against realistic content but I feel we are living in a reality so I need something motivating. People think realistic content is easy but the drama is tougher. Life is stranger than fiction and fiction is inspired by life.” No doubt his thoughts make a lot of sense.

We asked Harshad, whether he has got offers from OTT when he was on a break. The actor says, “I think OTT will take a little time to produce a certain kind of content. I am not saying good or bad, but I mean content to my liking. I don’t like abusing or sleaze and my idea of content is something that should inspire and motivate people.”

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