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Sidharth Shukla deserves to win Bigg Boss 13: Tehseen Poonawalla

Like every year, reality show Bigg Boss has once again grabbed the attention of the audience with its 13th season. What is all the more interesting is that popular media personality and political news analyst Tehseen Poonawalla, who is an Ex Bigg Boss contestant, has not only been keeping a tab on the show ever since he came out, but is also rooting for someone to win!

When asked him about the deserving winner of the reality show, Tehseen answers in a heartbeat, “Sidharth Shukla. He deserves to win. He knows what works with the audience.”

Tehseen says that the fact these celebrities are themselves in the house is what connects the audience to them. The fights and controversies have helped viewers feel connected to the show. “I think with regards to Bigg Boss, what connects with the audience is the excitement and the voyeurism. Of course, people feel connected to the house and the housemates, but the voyeuristic nature of the show seems to get the audiences involved,” he says.

He adds, “I feel people associate with the housemates and then get involved in the daily routine of the Bigg Boss house. What the audiences doesn’t get is that they see just one hour or a few hours out of 24 hours of the day. So in a way, while the audiences do connect, it’s also the exciting parts like the fights or romance which are highlighted.”

The renowned news analyst was part of this year’s Bigg Boss 13 and left the house in November.

Talking about his experience in the reality television show, he says, “First of all many congratulations to Endemol and Colors. They were fantastic and this is a brilliant season. I was very happy to be a part of this Bigg Boss’ journey. I made some very good friends and I hope this journey can continue once they are outside the house. I loved everything about Bigg Boss. It was a wonderful platform.”

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