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Fahmaan Khan extends his support to best friend and Imlie co-star Sumbul Touqeer for Bigg Boss 16

Fahmaan Khan and Sumbul Touqeer

TV actress Sumbul Touqeer is currently seen in the 16th season of Bigg Boss. While the Imlie star is receiving lots of love and support from her fans, she is facing a lot of criticism as well.

Recently, Sumbul’s father Touqeer Hasan Khan made an appearance on the show to guide her. He also slammed contestants Shalin Bhanot and Tina Dutta, which further created a tough time for Sumbul inside the house. Amidst all these, Sumbul’s best friend and Imlie costar Fahmaan Khan has extended his support to her.

Fahmaan took to Twitter to pen a heartfelt note for Sumbul, calling her a ‘Fighter’. He wrote – For everything that is going around the Bigg Boss house all I know is, being around strangers isn’t easy in any way. Besides she’s always been comfortable around the people she claimed to be her own. Unlike now but she’s a fighter, she might get teary at times but she knows how to over come that and fight again. All this and simply 18. Talk about having an entire life ahead of you and gaining the experience of life and people so soon. Je phayuuuur!!!’

The actor captioned the post – ‘A little too long to type on Twitter so here’s what I think. #BB16.’

Sumbul and Fahmaan’s fans became too happy and relieved after reading the post and expressed their happiness through their replies.

‘I know she ll cry seeing your message and seeing you inside BB during your show promotion but I am crying by seeing your care for her & the bond that you share with your friend. Thanks for coming up at the right time and taking a stand’ – A fan wrote. Another one wrote – ‘Finally was hoping you write something for her, as this will mean a lot to her. Sweetest message ever written by a friend supporting a friend. Jeee Fire ..Dil Jeet liye aap.’

However, some Bigg Boss fans expressed their disagreement to Fahmaan’s words for Sumbul. One of them tweeted – ‘Even Abdu just turned 19 last month, he left his country for this show. Sumbul didn’t leave her country. So stop Defending her every time saying she’s 18 n all. Enough now bored of same explanation by her fans too. She should have not come on the show then.’

Fahmaan will soon be making an appearance on the Weekend Ka Vaar. His appearance is going to be a part of the promotion of his upcoming TV show. Fahmaan will be extending his support to Sumbul on Bigg Boss 16. SuMaan fans can’t wait to witness the reunion of the two after a long time. 

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