Dear Media, let’s be sensible; let’s not sensationalise someone’s death for views


We all know that there is a competitive world out there. 

We all find ourselves in running in one rat race or the other. Similarly, the media too is in a competition to get it’s views and TRP’s with that one unseen photograph or footage.

It is completely okay to compete, it’s completely okay to go deep inside a story to roll out information for your audience but what’s not Ok is to cross ethical limits to sensationalise someone’s tragic death with pictures of a highly sensitive nature.

Yesterday (14th June) we all got the shocking news of Sushant Singh Rajput’s demise. Since then, we all have been coming across different kinds of reports on Sushant’s suicide in the media. 

Sushant Singh Rajput

We are sorry to say but some media houses are taking this as an opportunity to grab more and more viewership for their respective media channels. It’s indeed a tough time for Sushant’s family and they are in deep pain for losing their beloved. Ask yourself a question, is it right to immediately question his father or his sister during that time? Is it fine to use click bait headlines in your Youtube posts, just to earn some views? 
On top of that, using Sushant’s last pictures in your videos or posts to attract the viewers to click on it! Seriously, we need to grow up and inculcate the seeds of humanity in us. 

Even after learning that actor and Sushant’s friend Mahesh Shetty was the person whom Sushant had tried calling during his last few hours, some section of the media started trying to reach out to Mahesh to get his comment on the same; to a friend, who is deeply saddened by the demise of his buddy. 

Let’s please be sensible with our reports during such times. There are millions of other ways to gain views. Please be kind towards the loved ones of the deceased and stop sensationalising the death of their loved one.
PS – Our intention behind writing this article is just to give you a moment to differentiate between right and wrong. Let’s make this world a better place together. Let’s be nice and be kind to each other. Physical and mental health matters the most over money. 

We are sorry if we have ever hurt anyone’s sentiments in any way. wishes that each one of you stay blessed with good physical and mental health.

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