Dear Bollywood, I fail to understand your PAIN over Rhea’s arrest after being found guilty in DRUG CASE by NCB


A lot has been going on in Bollywood World after the sudden and mysterious death of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput.

Multiple theories, debates on Nepotism and Media Trials, Protests, Social Media Trends and what not.

I have been a silent observer of all the things that are going on from the last three months but what happened yesterday after Rhea Chakraborty’s arrest in DRUG CASE has left me speechless… Making it clear here – Bollywood, I didn’t expect this from you!

Soon after Rhea’s arrest, 70-80% of Bollywood names came out in support of Rhea with the hashtag, #JusticeForRhea along with a Quote on Patriarchy.

I just failed to understand your point here… How is even the term ‘Patriarchy’ related to Rhea’s arrest in the Drug Case? A law has been made for us to follow and we all MUST FOLLOW it. Everyone is equal in the eyes of law… whether to get Justice or Punishment.

NCB didn’t just go to Rhea’s house and arrested her. If this was the case, then your #JusticeForRhea campaign would have been justified but here NCB took a lot of time to gather evidence and even called Rhea for Three days to their office for interrogation that went for hours each day. It is as simple as that to understand.

Getting oneself involved in drugs has been an illegal offense in our country and one must be punished by the law irrespective of the gender. Me or You, none of us know all about the interrogation of Rhea done by the NCB and the evidence that the NCB has got against her. If NCB has came to a conclusion and arrested Rhea then we must trust the agency otherwise we all are at fault. ACCEPT IT OR NOT.

Coming to the Media’s behavior towards Rhea – I admit that the media is at fault here. As media delegates, we should not behave like that with anyone (Victim, accused or the culprit) while doing any kind of coverage but the cut throat competition doesn’t let us do so. So, the voice raised by you all are justified here as no one should be treated like that by the Media but Rhea is not the only one who has become a victim of this kind of behavior from the media.

Let’s take you back on 14th June… Remember, how the media reached Sushant Singh Rajput’s Patna house just after the news was flashed on TV? A father who has just got the news that his only son is no more, was being forced to give bytes. There were camera lights flashing right in front of his face while he was in deep shock with the news he just received and crying over it. Where were you all then? Even Sushant’s sister too faced that kind of hounding by the media recently… that too WITHOUT ANY SECURITY THAT RHEA HAS BEEN PROVIDED. Mind it.

When Rhea was undergoing through Media Trials, then you all just came up with one thought that – ‘This shouldn’t happen. Rhea is not guilty yet. Wait until she is found guilty. Trust the Agency who is investigating the matter.‘ Now when she has been found guilty in the Drug Case by NCB then why are you all crying over it?

PS – Here, I am not talking about Sushant’s death case as the investigation is still on. I am talking only about Rhea being proven guilty in the Drug Case for which she has been Arrested.

Remember, people of all ages including the little ones treat most of you as their idols getting impressed by the Heroic acts that you perform on-screen. Is this the kind of message you are giving in society by supporting the wrong and something which is illegal according to the law of our nation?

No wonder why you all are making us think that a huge percentage of Bollywood is involved in such illegal activities. Please don’t blame us for blaming you! Your act of supporting the wrong and seeking ‘Justice’ for the wrong speaks a lot about your actions.

You all are role models for many so we expect you to set a good example in our society.

One arrest and you all came out in support of your fellow colleague. I can understand if the family and friends come out in support of Rhea but the 70-80% of Bollywood suddenly coming out in support for the one who has been proven guilty in the case… just cannot digest this fact. Some of the names who came out in support of the wrong yesterday, made many of us feel as if they must have been forced by someone to do so.

I am saying this because they have been the ones who have never ever uttered a word in the last three months but suddenly jumped in when Rhea got arrested AFTER PROVEN GUILTY IN DRUG CASE.

Now coming to the ones, who are saying, ‘Imagine, if the same kind of treatment would be given to your children.’ My question to all of them – Why will our children be called multiple times for interrogation and get arrested if they will keep themselves away from the THINGS THAT ARE ILLEGAL? They won’t get this kind of treatment for sure so Sorry, we cannot imagine our children getting a treatment like this. As simple as that. They will be happily living a good life far way from media trials, police and courts if they won’t involve themselves in such ILLEGAL ACTS.

Keep your act right, follow the law made for all of us if you don’t want your children to get treated like this. Loud and Clear!!!

Today, the BMC demolished Kangana Ranaut’s office in Mumbai and all of you went tight-lipped again. Why aren’t you all demanding Justice for Kangana now? Just because she is standing for the truth and talking against the ill-practices that are going on in Bollywood? Why Bollywood Why?

Coming to the other group of people from Bollywood… When Sushant Singh Rajput was found dead at his residence on June 14th and it was declared that he committed suicide due to depression then all of you took a lot of interest in watching the news channels and debating on Twitter over depression and mental health. Now when Rhea has been found guilty in the Drug case and she is arrested then most of you are now asking the media to focus on Corona and Economy.

I agree that the entire world is going through a tough phase due to Corona that has eventually hampered the economy of the world including India. The entire world is aware of this truth and enough has been already spoken about it on the News Channels.

Now tell me, what exactly would you like to watch on the News Channels on Corona? The pandemic has already created a depressing atmosphere around us. Would you like the News Channels to keep ranting about the increased number of cases? No doubt, the number of new Covid cases are high everyday in our country but not to forget that now we have prepared ourselves well in terms of health facilities during the lockdown phase because of which the recovery rate is going good in our country but you won’t talk about that.

Enough awareness has been spread regarding Corona by the News Channels in the last few months. Most of you were cribbing over Government’s decision to impose the lockdown back in March-April, saying that the Economy is suffering. Now when the Unlock happened, you all started crying for the rise in the number of cases in Corona on daily basis… Again blaming the Government.

Everyday, I come across pictures of many of you partying with friends and calling them over your home. Why can’t you control yourself from partying in the time of Corona. Government is not responsible if you don’t follow what is being told to protect yourself from the Virus.

Coming back to your #JusticeForRhea campaign again – Just a little info you get that Sushant was taking drugs, all of you start jumping on social media and easily believe on the news. Have you guys ever noticed how happy you become when you hear the news about Sushant taking Drugs? That’s fine but why do you fail to accept the fact that Rhea has been proven guilty and she has been arrested due to her involvement in illegal practices?

As per the News Reports, Rhea has admitted that 80% of the Bollywood takes Drugs so kindly STOP continuing with your current actions over this case that is making us think that you all are supporting #JusticeForRhea because you think that next can be YOU.

Man or Woman all are equal… If they have committed a crime then they are liable for the punishment. No point of playing the Woman Card here.

Please Grow up and learn to start judging between the Truth and the Wrong. Stand by the Truth always because Truth Wins… Sooner or Later.

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3 years ago

Wow well expressed 👍❤️

Kusum singh
Kusum singh
3 years ago

Yes Rose r red violet r blue all Bollywood are in also inque🤣

जटाधारी प्रसाद
जटाधारी प्रसाद
3 years ago

बहुत ही सटीक और सच्चाई हर विषय पर अपना विचार रखी। इसकेलिए बहुत बहुत धन्यावाद

Swati sinha
Swati sinha
3 years ago

Yes 👍you are right actually they have no option to defend themselves. That’s why they are doing so😕

Swati sinha
Swati sinha
3 years ago

Yes 👍you are right actually they have no option to defend themselves that’s why they are doing so.
शुद्ध हिन्दी में बोले तो चोर – चोर मौसेरे भाई ☺️

vikas rai
vikas rai
3 years ago

superb article man