Kartikey Malviya RadhaKrishn Latest Interview

After Playing a woman in RadhaKrishn I realize why women take so much time to get ready: Kartikey Malviya


RadhaKrishn’s Kartikey Malviya had a great time celebrating Diwali and his Birthday with family after two years in his hometown Bhopal.

Kartikey likes to spread happiness around on his birthday rather than throwing a party. Following the tradition, this year too the young actor went to an orphanage to spend time with the kids. He also distributed gifts among the kids on his birthday. The kids had priceless smile on their faces.

In a candid conversation with ItsEZone.com, Kartikey told us, “I like to celebrate my birthday this way every year. Last year, I celebrated my birthday with special kids and prior to that, I had visited an old age home. Definitely, we do get happy when we party hard on our Birthdays but trust me if we are capable enough to make others happy then we must do it because it feels so good to see others smiling because of you. I visit them every year for their smiling faces. My parents arrange that for me every year. My main motive behind uploading the videos on my Instagram handle is to inspire others to do the same things if they are capable enough to do so.”

We asked Kartikey about how the team of RadhaKrishn wished him on his special day when he was not in Mumbai. He said, “Everybody from the team called to wish me at 12 AM. I had slept already but Sumedh (Mudgalkar) bhai and Mallika (Singh) di woke me up through a video call at 12 AM to wish me. They asked ‘why I am sleeping on my birthday’ (laughs). The production guys too conveyed their birthday wishes through phone calls. It didn’t make me feel that I was away from them.”

Later in the day, Kartikey had received a surprise from his family and had a cake cutting with them. Indeed a special birthday!

An actor feels lucky when he/she gets an opportunity to explore different roles. Kartikey is one lucky actor who is getting to explore different characters at such a young age. Along with playing Saambh in RadhaKrishn, Kartikey got an opportunity to play a woman for two times on the show when his character Saambh decides to take disguise. So, without any further delay we asked the young champ about his experience of playing the role and what all goes behind the scene when he dons the look of a woman.

He shared, “Its actually very difficult to dress up like a woman. I feel so suffocated after wearing the Saree and the jewellery. I take only half n hour to get ready as Saambh but it takes me more than an hour to get ready when I play the disguise role of a woman. Being a jolly kind of a person, its difficult for me to sit in one place for so long but here I have to sit for so long at a stretch. I get headache due to the wig and it makes things for me quite difficult. Its difficult for me to even sit or walk when I wear that Lehenga. Everything is needed to be taken care of, right from my braid to my Maangtikka. At times it becomes quite frustrating to shoot like that but at the same time, its a different experience that I enjoy.”

“Initially, I used to question my female co-stars on set as why do they take so much time to get ready but now I have realized the reason behind that and now all of them make fun of me,” he added.

We asked Kartikey about how he adapts the body language and expressions of a woman to play the character. He said, “There are so many girls on our sets. So I observe them to adapt their body language, expression and work on my voice modulation. The directors also help me with that. People on our set are very supportive due to which the outcome is always so good.”

It was a fun day on the sets of RadhaKrishn when everybody saw Kartikey dressed up like a woman. He shared, “First day, everyone was shocked to see me in the getup of a woman and kept laughing. Some gave me compliments that I look so good like that. I was surprised to see that everyone was coming to talk to me which doesn’t happen on other days. I even questioned them about it (laughs).”

Keep up the good work, Kartikey.

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