Puja Banerjee Kunal Verma Wedding Pics in Goa

Puja Banerjee and Kunal Verma are off to Goa with son Krishiv for their wedding


The ongoing Corona Pandemic has affected our lives in a big way.

Along with everything else, the Covid Pandemic has affected the wedding ceremonies as well. Popular celebrity couple Puja Banerjee and Kunal Verma are also one of those couples who had cancelled their wedding ceremony due to the Corona Outbreak and the lockdown.

Puja and Kunal were supposed to marry on 15th April, 2020 but unfortunately, India got badly hit by the second wave. So considering the situation, Puja and Kunal chose to cancel their wedding ceremony. Kunal and Puja had registered their marriage in March 2020. Kunal and Puja started their journey as a married couple 15th April onward making an official announcement on social media.

The couple took to social media to announce that they are not going to have a grand wedding ceremony. They also mentioned that they will donate their wedding expenditures to those affected by the second wave.

Now, when the situation is under control, Puja and Kunal are going to have their traditional wedding ceremony in Goa on 15th November. Interestingly, their one year old son Krishiv is also going to witness the wedding ceremony of his parents. Puja and Kunal are quite excited about it.

Puja and Kunal are off to Goa with their son. They took to social media to express their excitement about it.

We wish this family lots of happiness for a lifetime.

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