Urfi Javed

Urfi Javed struggles to find a rented house in Mumbai; Netizens react


Actress and social media influencer Urfi Javed often makes headlines due to her fashion sense that sometimes lands her in trouble.

After facing social media trolls and complaints, this time, Urfi has got a new problem to deal with! She is finding it hard to find a rented house in Mumbai.

She wrote on Twitter – ‘Muslim owners don’t want to rent me house cause of the way I dress, Hindi owners don’t want to rent me cause I’m Muslim. Some owners have an issue with the political threats I get . Finding a rental apartment in mumbai is so tuff.’

While few of them offered help to the actress by tweeting details of available accommodation, some held Urfi responsible for this situation.

Reacting to her tweet, a Netizen wrote – ‘Just like you have a freedom of dressing the way you like similarly house owners have a freedom whom to give a house. Nothing biased here.’

Another one wrote – ‘Correction: It is not because of the way you dress, but it is because you do not dress.’

Urfi never fails to give back to trolls who point out fingers on her fashion choices.

Recently, Urfi Javed got summoned by the Amboli Police Station after a complaint was filed against her for sporting objectionable and vulgar outfits in public places. The complaint was filed by BJP leader Chitra Wagh.

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