Pandya Store actor Kanwar Dhillon Hits back at Trolls with grace


Pandya Store actor Kanwar Dhillon is being badly targeted by the fans of Puneet Kumar aka Puneet Superstar on social media. 

Fans of Puneet have been abusing Kanwar on his social media posts because of a recent comment made by Kanwar on Puneet in an interview. Kanwar spoke negatively about Puneet and that didn’t go well with the fans of Puneet. They all are now abusing the actor for his comment against their favorite, Puneet. 

Kanwar took to Instagram to give it back to the trollers. Sharing a selfie, he wrote – ‘May “Lord” bless you TROLLERS!’ (Laughing Emojis).

Fans of Kanwar are not behind in showing support to their favorite star. They have changed their profile pictures on social media in support of Kanwar and have been giving it back to the trollers. 

Puneet, who joined Bigg Boss OTT Season 2, as a contestant, was evicted from the house within a day due to his misbehavior. This created a rage among his fans, who went on to protest digitally, demanding the return of their favorite star in the house. 

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