Umang Jain’s Facebook page Hacked


TV actress Umang Jain’s verified Facebook page has been hacked.

The actress took to Instagram to inform her fans about it.

Umang has mentioned in her Instagram post that she is trying to take help from Facebook to recover her account but it will definitely take some time so till then one shouldn’t believe on any post or activity done from her Facebook page.

This is what Umang has written on her Instagram post –

Hello InstaFam, It really pains me to inform you that my @facebook verified page under the name of #UmangJain has been #hacked. I’ve lost all controls to the page. I am in no way responsible or to be held worthy of any information, post, opinions and comments sent or published from the above page. It’s inconvenient for me as well as for my well wishers and fans to reach out but there is nothing I can do at the moment. I’m trying to seek help from the @facebook team in India but that shall def. take a while.
To the hacker, WHOEVER you are, you think it’s fun to trouble people but let me tell you, it’s an absolute waste of your time. You are in no way a hero, or anything close to cool. You probably did this because you had too much time in hand and you didn’t know what to do with it. I’m sorry for you, I really am. May you find genuine work to keep you busy and may your friends and family be proud of you then cause right now they despise you.

Hope you get your account back soon, Umang.

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