Rahul Sharma goes the extra mile by carrying his own camping chair to the set and drinking Kadha four times a day

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The last couple of months the Coronavirus had hijacked most of our usual routine and put everything on a stand still. Things have now started unlocking and the entertainment industry is slowly moving towards normalcy keeping a check on the necessary guidelines and precautions. Pyaar Ki Luka Chuppi that airs on Dangal TV became the first serial to start shooting fresh episodes and was also the first fiction show to go on air with new episodes.

While the actors and the crew members shooting are following the guidelines and taking utmost precautions around them, Rahul Sharma who plays the role of Sarthak is going the extra mile to ensure complete safety.

•   Rahul cooks and carries his own food

Rahul has always had a knack of preparing good and healthy food. He used to cook on the sets too. The current situation demands that he cooks his own food and relies on his cooking skills than ever before.

•   Driving his own car to the sets

Physical distancing is something which everyone is practicing. With rapid increase in the cases, Rahul is trying his best to limit his social interactions. He drives his own car ensuring safety for both his driver and himself.

•   Carrying his own sanitizer and surface cleaners

While the set is completely filled with sanitizers at every nook and corner, Rahul carries his own sanitizers and surface cleaner to the set giving him a double check on the safety. He doesn’t hold back in using them both before and after touching any object.

•   Drinking Kadha four times a day

Having a strong immunity helps to minimize the risk of the virus. Along with home cook food, Rahul Sharma carries few spices with him to make his Kadha on the sets and has it four times a day. He also avoids drinking anything cold and consumes only hot water and coffee.

•   His personal camping chair

One cannot carry their house on the set but one can carry a camping chair. Rahul Sharma on his sets of Pyaar Ki Luka Chuppi makes sure to carry his camping chair in which he keeps all his belongings. The bottle of hot water, the sanitizers or the food he carries. The chair is strictly used by him and no one else is allowed to touch it.

•   Carries his own bags for his safety kit

Throughout shooting it is not possible for actors to hide their face with mask. Actors need to keep wearing and removing it. In this way there are chances of your mask getting misplaced and proves to be unsafe for someone to carry it. To avoid this, Rahul makes sure that he carries a bag to keep his mask in it during the shoot rather than handing it to someone else.

Well that’s some great amount of thoughts put in for safety!

Rahul prompts everyone to take their own measures and everyone is virus free and things get back to normal soon.

Rahul Sharma can be seen in Pyar Ki Luka Chuppi only on Dangal TV at 7:00 PM.

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