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Aneeta Patel and Vikas Kalantri create a poetic video featuring TV folks!

This period of lockdown is tough and many people are still finding it challenging to stay indoors. We have seen many celebrities, through their social media accounts as well as songs, trying to encourage people to stay at home. Now, filmmaker Aneeta Patel and producer Vikas Kalantri have come up with a poetic video, titled ‘Phir Jagmagayega Hindustan’ for the same.

“Imagine 26 television stars in an ode-visual poetry! That would have been almost impossible, given the hectic schedules of TV actors but the lockdown has made it possible. Not only because they’ve had the time to shoot videos of themselves but also because they wanted to send out a positive message to everyone across the country. The message that the telly fraternity wants to send out is that people should not lose in these difficult times because Phir Jagmagayega Hindustan. That’s also the title of the visual poetry which was initiated by Vikas Kalantri,” says Aneeta.

She adds, “This is a hard time for all of us and there is a lot of ambiguity too but we have a lot of time and we need to do what needs to be done and I would rather do it with a hope of a better tomorrow. Why live in fear when you have to die without it?”

The video features actors such as Arjun Bijlani, Hina Khan and Nakuul Mehta among others, urging people to stay safe and make the best of the time that they have on hands.

Vikas Kalantri, who is also featured in the video with his wife, says, “At this time when almost the entire country is thinking ki lockdown kab khulega, I thought it’s the right time to have the stars they love come out with a message. This will increase their will power and also convey that #weareinthistogether Aur #jagmagayegahindustan and we will be back soon to entertain you.”

Well! We are surely loving this gesture by our favourite stars, right?

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