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This Ramzan will be a low key affair: Adaa Khan

Our world has changed as we desperately try to fight the deadly Coronavirus. The entire world is on lockdown and people have been staying indoors.

Actress Adaa Khan says that even the month of Ramzan is going to be different this year. “This month of Ramzan is going to be more spiritual and introspective. We all have been made to realize the importance of health and family, so this Ramzan will be a low key affair. My family and I intend to be more sincere in our worship and prayers for ourself and for the entire world because we all have to get out of this as one,” she said.

In fact, Adaa adds that even the feast of Iftaar won’t be as lavish this time. She said, “I would feel really guilty if I would be ignoring the plight of the less fortunate ones in this crisis and indulge in a feast in the name of Iftaar. So I would like to keep our Iftaar light and simple.”

“All I can say is that I am really thankful to the Lord that he has put food on my plate and given me and my family good health. We would also pray the same if not more for everyone out there. Going to visit my family and friends and inviting them home for Iftaar is something which I am going to miss the most this year besides the fortnightly rounds to Mohammad Ali road, for the late-night binge with my friends and family,” added Adaa.

Have a blessed Ramzan, Adaa.

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