Malini Kapoor attends the ‘Digital Wedding’ of her sister-in-law amid lockdown; Thanks to technology!


Though our life has come to a standstill because of the ongoing Covid19 Pandemic but this isn’t stopping us from being innovative in order to keep our life moving on track.

The current lockdown scenario has cancelled so many events that were scheduled to happen during the phase and that include weddings too.

Thanks to technology that now the weddings are being done digitally without any gatherings. Interestingly, the bride and groom are getting married in the presence of their loved ones who are watching them doing all the wedding rituals through video call thus following the social distancing norms perfectly.

TV couple Malini Kapoor and Ajay Sharma recently attended the wedding of their beloved sister that happened digitally. Malini’s sister-in-law got married in Jaipur yesterday (25th April) and the family was ‘online’ to bless the couple and witness all the wedding rituals.

An elated Malini told, “The marriage was planned about six months back and the date was fixed around two months back. Each and everything right from catering to decorations was planned and even we all were done with our shopping. Our tickets were booked for Jaipur for the wedding to be held on 25th April but it all got waste because we couldn’t travel. We had to cancel all the wedding preparations due to the lockdown and then we were planning to postpone the wedding for November.”

“Eventually we decided to stick to the date as it was an auspicious day and also considering the fact that the groom was really keen on taking the bride home on 25th itself (laughs). As soon as we got the permissions to go ahead with the wedding, the groom reached to our place in Jaipur and the wedding happened in the presence of groom’s parents and eight people from our family,” she added.

Bride and Groom

Though it was a digital one but Malini, Ajay and family members enjoyed the occasion to the fullest. Malini shared, “Those who attended the wedding in person wore the clothes they were supposed to wear on the wedding in Jaipur and here Ajay, my son Kiyaan and I got ready in the clothes that we had got for her wedding. We all were literally very busy at home. Ajay and I were there with them throughout the wedding rituals. We also played some nice wedding numbers and danced. Thanks to technology that we witnessed everything.” 

Malini, Ajay and Kiyaan all set for the ‘Digital Wedding’ functions to begin

“I am very happy that they got married, maintaining the social distancing and taking precautions by wearing masks. We all followed the rules and went ahead with the scheduled wedding date this way by sticking to the instructions given,” she concluded. wishes the newly weds lots of happiness.

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