Swatantra Bharat Actor in Swaraj

Swatantra Bharat bags Contiloe’s next titled ‘Swaraj’


Film and television actor Swatantra Bharat has bagged a new project. He will soon be seen on a historical episodic series on DD National.

Swatantra will be seen playing the role of Baji Prabhu Deshpande in Contiloe’s upcoming episodic series titled ‘Swaraj’.

The series ‘Swaraj’ will air different stories in which Swatantra has been roped in to play the role of Baji Prabhu Deshpande in the story of Veer Shivaji. The episodic story revolves around the battle after which Baji Prabhu got martyred.

There was a time when the Siddhi Johar Sena was about to attack Shivaji with its 10,000 soldiers. Baji Prabhu fought with the enemies along with his 300 soldiers and helped Shivaji to reach Vishalgarh fort safely. Shivaji finally reached the fort safely! Baji got martyred in the battle with Siddhi Johar’s Sena after he got the information about Shivaji’s safety.

In a conversation, Swatantra Bharat told us, “We all are so impressed by the invaders like Alexander and Mughals. We know them better than the ones because of whom we are enjoying the freedom today. If Shivaji wouldn’t have taken the initiative of Swaraj, then we would have been slaves to Aurangzeb and his generations till now.”

“I literally got goosebumps while playing the role of Baji. I really felt that he is inside me as I experienced the same energy while filming the scenes. Its been such a wonderful experience and I feel that I am still into the character,” he concluded.

Swatantra Bharat was last seen on ‘Lockdown Ki Love Story’ TV Series on Star Plus.

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