Anupamaa and Samar

Rupali Ganguly pens an emotional farewell note for Sagar Parekh


The emotional farewell of actor Sagar Parekh from the hit television series ‘Anupamaa’ has left fans in tears. In recent episodes, viewers witnessed the tragic demise of Samar, played by Sagar Parekh, who sacrificed himself to save Anuj (Gaurav Khanna) during a party dispute.

This heart-wrenching twist has sparked a wave of emotions among fans, many of whom have criticized the show’s creators for this unexpected turn. Samar’s character had always been a pillar of strength for Anupamaa (Rupali Ganguly) and the audience cherished their close bond, making his loss even more devastating.

Rupali Ganguly, who portrays Anupamaa, shared a touching Instagram post ahead of Sagar’s exit, reminiscing about their beautiful on-screen mother-son relationship and praising Sagar’s exceptional performance as Samar. She wrote –

‘Anupamaa and her Bakuda Samar …..
one of the most beautiful mother son bond created on television….
the very first relationship I connected to coz that was the very first promo I shot …
Have loved this extremely detailed emotion of a mother with her favourite child .. a child who understands her , encourages her , gives her strength, holds her hand , treats her like a queen …. A son who is her world and for whom his mother is his world …
This emotion was further amplified when Saagar came in as my Samar ….
Stepping into a well established character is no easy task … but the scenes we have done in the last few days have delightfully surprised me with the range and the emotions you have displayed as Samar…. An extremely intricate yet balanced performance in the kitchen scene totally floored me 👏🏻
It is heartbreaking and emotionally draining and exhausting as Anupamaa bids farewell to her precious child … but my genuine love for you as a person has made it so much more believable for me to do … ❤️
Perhaps it’s the final farewell of Anupama to Samar ( or maybe not ) but this bond that we have been blessed with shall forever remain …thank you for being the beautiful soul that you are Sagar… Thank you for being Samar to my Anupamaa… Keep shinning always ❤️ Thank you @rajan.shahi.543 for this unparalleled bond of Anupamaa and her Bakudaa … forever grateful 🙏🏻 Please do watch Anupamaa @starplus 10pm everyday. All of us have put our hearts out there for you to see’

Sagar Parekh responded with heartfelt gratitude, thanking the entire ‘Anupamaa’ team and expressing his love for the fans who embraced him with open arms. He commented –

‘My heart is filled …I remember my first day on the set … where you welcomed me with a tight warm hug .. saying “welcome to Anupamaa child.!” and just after my first shot … which was a whole dance sequence i did notice you clapping and cheering for me..! That day itself a bond was created which in notime grew only stronger..! I have learnt so much from you and the whole team of Anupamaa is which ofc the BEST ..! And now i can definitely proudly say that i have learnt from the best..! Everyday stepping into the shoes of Samar i had this in mind that i am not gonna disappoint anyone…and make them believe that YES i am your Samar ..! Ofc my biggest challenge was to make you believe this..! And now all the praises coming from you and you being proud of me .. has made me believe in me even more ..! Thank you for everything..! Thank you for being you..! I love you…! @rupaliganguly Thank you for treating me like your own son ..! Samar is and will always be alive in the hearts of millions and most importantly in Anupamaa’s …❤️ God has been kind .. will be forever grateful… 🧿 Thank you @rajan.shahi.543 sir for making me your Samar… so so so grateful to you million thanks would be less and thank you @directorskutproduction for making Anupamaa home away from home for me😇 Lots of love to the fans who accepted me with open guys literally turned my nightmare into a dream… love you all ..! ❤️ PICTURE ABHI BAAKI HAI ..! ✨’

Take a look at the post right here –

As the show continues, fans are preparing to say goodbye to the cherished bond between Anupamaa and Samar, knowing that it will be sorely missed in the episodes to come.

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