Rati Pandey goes the extra mile; prepares for the script two days in advance for shoot 


Known for her versatile roles, dynamic television actress Rati Pandey has taken up yet another challenge to push her adaptability with a rich acting experience of 15 years.

She decided to take up her first mythological show Devi : Aadi Parashakti on Dangal TV in which she dress up like Goddess Parvati and recites dialogues like her.

Rati’s experience of playing the role of Goddess Parvati has been a roller coaster ride. Recalling her time at the shoot, she talks about how learning Shudh Hindi and Sanskrit was a tough job.

She said “I would have to work two days in advance for all my shoots. The team would send me the script over email much ahead than the shoot. I would go through the same and mark out words that I did not understand. I would read, learn and try to understand their meaning before I actually performed.”

“Moreover, two days prior to the shoot, I would sit with the director and try to understand the look and feel of the dialogues and practice thereafter. After the day’s shoot was over, it would be a long journey back home and I would go through the next day’s script a few more times while traveling back,” she added.

A mythological show demands a lot from their actors, be it the look or the speech or diction. Going the extra mile is never easy but is definitely what the actress has taken up. This hard work and dedication is reflected in every episode of the show.

Rati said, “I have been familiar with daily soaps and their language. They can be improvised on the spot and have a feel that can be built while performing. It is not so in case of mythological shows. This one was my first so I tried to push myself to the most. I did everything it took to do justice to the role of Devi as the script was unlike something I had ever done before.”

Way to go, Rati.

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