Karan Jotwani plays the perfect the balancing act between TV and Web!


It is said that the life of a television actor is tough with crazy shoot schedules and less time to prepare for a scene but what does one do when he is the lead actor on a television show alongside playing one of the leads in an upcoming web series? Everyone can imagine that it must be crazy!

Well, Qurbaan Hua’s Neel played by actor Karan Jotwani was dealing with such a schedule since a couple of weeks now but the talented actor juggled it with ease and perfection, shooting day and night and not letting the show or the webseries suffer.

Talking about his shoot schedule prior to the lockdown, Karan Jotwani revealed, “I was shooting for Qurbaan Hua and a webseries as well, so the schedule was crazy with a lot of day and night shoots.” However, the actor stresses that the long hours on sets or back to back shoots aren’t that difficult, but something else is!

He mentioned, “The character switch is more difficult than anything else. To suddenly switch from one kind of a character to another is slightly tricky to cope with! I play an intense role in Qurbaan Hua, while in the webshow, I am a very simple and down to earth kind of a guy. They are starkly different. I must add, the running around from one set to another is also a task but well, the show must go on!”

To watch the roller coaster story of Karan Jotwani as Neel and Pratibha Ranta as Chahat from the very beginning, tune in to Qurbaan Hua, Monday to Friday at 11 pm, only on Zee TV.

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