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Did you know Karan Singh Grover is ambidextrous?

Talk about being multi-talented and the actor-turned-artist Karan Singh Grover seems to have the best of talent in his kitty. Apart from being a fine actor and dancer, Karan is a flawless and intense painter too.

Well not just that, the actor’s uniqueness as an artist is that he is ambidextrous, that is Karan uses both his hands to paint simultaneously.

Karan says, “For me, art and spirituality are parallel sides of the same road. I can paint and write with both the hands. I can do different things at the same time using both of my hands.”

The handsome hunk loves to specifically capture concepts of the universe, infinity, divinity, spirituality and dimensions through his art work.

He also credits his beautiful Bipasha Basu Singh Grover for making him paint and flaunt more of his fine artwork.

Karan and Bipasha will soon be holding an art exhibition to flaunt Karan’s fine talent.

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2 years ago

You aге a very bright individual!

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