Arjun Bijlani worried as someone from his building tests Corona positive


No matter how mentally strong you are but the increasing number of Covid-19 cases can still shake you up. Especially, if you get to know about one close to where you live. The same has happened with actor Arjun Bijlani, who gets informed about the first Coronavirus case in his building. 

The actor, who has been in quarantine with his wife and son in Andheri building, said, “Somebody’s house help on the first floor has been infected. It’s a family of doctors. I am on the sixth floor and I am completely quarantined anyways. I think they will seal the building or a few floors. It was earlier reported in the next building but now since it’s in our building too, we need to be extra careful.”

Getting quarantined with pets can be little difficult and the actor who has a furry baby agrees to it. “I have a dog at home and he obviously needs to go for a walk so it’s going to be a big task now,” he said.

The actor has already stocked up on the essentials but he admits that the next 14 days are going to be crucial. He accepts that the Covid situation has been mentally scary for everyone since the beginning but now that it’s in his building he is more worried now. 

“I am more worried now because I have a five-year-old son at home but I am going to stay positive and pray that it doesn’t affect my family,” Arjun added.

Though the actor has a help at home, he says that he and his wife have divided the household chores.

He said, “Cooking, cleaning, there are so many things to be done in the house. We have a help at home but me and my wife have divided work on our own. We have a dog, who needs to go for a walk and my help is the one who takes him and he sometimes plays with my son too, so now I need to be extra careful.”

“We will take extra precaution now, like washing our hands more frequently, etc.,” he added.

When asked about his mother Shakti Bijlani, who is staying with his younger brother, the actor said, “Thank God, I did not get my mother to live with us. She is at least safe there. She would have also been at risk otherwise.”  

Arjun lives in the same building compound where Boney Kapoor’s staff has tested Corona positive too. Other celebrities who live in the building include Karishma Tanna and Tabu. 

We at, pray for everyone’s safety.

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