Ankoor Venchurkr Riktta

Ankoor Venchurkr’s film Riktta gets selected for the 13th Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival 2023


Filmmaker and actor Ankoor Venchurkr’s film Riktta is selected for the 13th Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival.

Not only this but the movie has been selected and nominated for the Lift off global networking international film festival. The film has secured its place among the top 3 films.

Ankoor, the mastermind behind the film Riktta, shared in a quick chat with, “The film highlights a very important topic that prevails in our society. The film is all about a daughter’s journey to find her elderly father who goes missing one day. The issues of child trafficking and girls trafficking are often highlighted but the bitter truth of human trafficking of older adults often gets ignored. So, our film highlights how elderly people get trafficked to different cities and they are tortured and forced to beg on streets. Sometimes the traffickers even sell off those elders’ organs for profit.”

“The film has been sent to a few more big film festivals going to happen in big countries. I hope that our film will perform well in other film festivals,” he added.

Bollywood actor Saleem Shah and actress Tina Rao who hails from Bhopal have played key roles in the film Riktta. Along with Directing and Producing the film, Ankoor has also edited and done cinematography for the film. Divyakant Pandya has written the film along with Ankoor.

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