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To everyone who tells me, ‘Nehu ki shaadi ho gayi hai’, I want to say, ‘I know!’ : Himansh Kohli

Himansh Kohli Neha Kakkar

Actor Himansh Kohli has always been the one who never gets affected by trolls or any kind of negative content about him on social media. However, the Yaariyan actor, who will soon be seen in the film Boondi Raita, recently lashed out at a video doing rounds on social media regarding his ex-girlfriend singer Neha Kakkar. The two broke up two years ago.

Recently Neha tied the knot and right after that, a video of Himansh allegedly apologizing to her became viral.

The actor says that it was high time he speaks up. “I have been ignoring such memes, DMs, comments, mentions, posts, etc. for two years now. I have been subjected to pathetic statements on social media which have literally spoilt my mood at that moment. Think about it, you are talking about your happy day, your special moment, your new project or simply wishing someone happy birthday and all the comments below are about your past relationship which didn’t work out. I still get those and I thought it’s time to put it to end once and for all,” he says.

He adds, “While I always believe that it’s best to avoid such things but I thought this particular content piece looked like it was made to defame me and was gaining traction. So, I thought to call it out and tell my fans that it’s fake before more people start abusing me on social media. Honestly, I can manage all this with ease. I have been raised right and strong enough to deal with my issues.”

Himansh says that it is his parents who he is worried about. “I don’t feel scared for myself but for my parents. I don’t want their name to be tarnished, especially due to a controversy that I have no role in. It took some time for my parents to stop worrying about all the messages sent to them. People didn’t even think once before abusing them through DMs and comments, questioning their integrity. They had to deal with all that because they are my parents. It’s an awful feeling to put your parents through something like this but they are wise and evolved with ease. However, I feel people need to evolve too,” he says.

He has a message for the people who constantly remind him that Neha is married. “I really want to request everyone who comments, ‘Bhai Nehu ki shaadi ho gayi’, ki mujhe pata hai! I’m happy for the newlywed couple and I’m happy for myself. I am sick of this baseless trolling. If people are really interested in only making fun of me, at least talk about relevant and recent things,” he says.

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