Swatantra Bharat

Swatantra Bharat joins the cast of &TV’s Doosri Maa


Actor Swatantra Bharat will soon be joining the ensemble cast of &TV’s popular series ‘Doosri Maa.’

Stepping into the role of Shamshera, he will bring an intriguing layer of drama and excitement to the storyline. Shamshera, a tough yet multifaceted character, serves as a local goon and a skilled kabaddi team trainer. His unexpected bond with Krishna, adds depth to the narrative as they share a common background as orphans.

Swatantra Bharat, in discussing his role, reveals that Shamshera conceals a softer side that viewers will gradually uncover. The actor further expresses his enthusiasm for the role’s complexity and is particularly grateful for the guidance of show’s director Imtiaz Punjabi Ji.

In a quick chat with us, Swatantra further mentioned that he is actively learning the tactics of kabaddi to enhance his portrayal of Shamshera.

Moreover, Swatantra Bharat’s involvement extends beyond acting. He has ventured into the realm of vlogging, using his platform to explore various historical and religious sites.

We wish him all the best for his new project.

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