Rajan Shahi’s Kameenkhori crosses two million views


Producer Rajan Shahi has already proved his prowess on the tube and is now doing the same on the web too.

His web series Kameenkhori has crossed 2 million views and the entire team is ecstatic.

The writer of the series, Bhavna Vyas, who is also heading the entire project says, “I am extremely happy. I am not just writing the series but heading the entire project and getting work done takes a lot of hard work. Especially when we have to do it in a limited time and budget. So yes, it feels great when you put in so much hard work and it pays off.” 

She adds, “The day I conceived the idea I knew it will do well but it will rise so soon that was something I didn’t expect. I am so happy that it’s growing well.”

Content on the web is often bold, however, Bhavna adds that the series also has a social message. “The content is bold in terms of the thought. The story is not just about women calling a gigolo but also about women’s choices and their basic desires,” she says.

She enjoys working with Rajan as well. “I have done the maximum work in my career with Rajan sir and I started my web career too with him with Guddu Beds Guddun.”

“If I tell sir that I am excited about a subject, then he always stands by my vision. He lets me create what I really want to. He respects my creative vision and that makes me work harder and give my best,” she concludes.

Many congratulations to the entire team.

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