Jasmin is sensitive but I know she will come out as a strong personality: Aly Goni


Good friends are priceless. Especially a friend who is genuine. Both Jasmin Bhasin and Aly Goni meet the criteria to be best friends for each other. The duo has a great liking for each other and their bonding is something unique.

There was a strong buzz that Aly will be locking himself in Bigg Boss house this year but that has not happened as Aly is busy with other commitments.

Aly says, “The buzz was strong but I had already committed my time to a web series titled Zidd produced by Boney Kapoor. I want all my fans to support Jasmin Bhasin so that she can lift the trophy of Bigg Boss. I am an ardent follower of the show – one primary reason being Salman Khan. His charisma and hosting style are unique. This year my dear friend Jasmin is participating so I will not miss a single episode. Since my other favorite – IPL has also started – I keep my laptop ready with me and watch IPL there. Simultaneously, I watch Bigg Boss on television.โ€ย 

On Jasminโ€™s emotional outbreak in the show Aly adds, “I am aware of her emotional side. She is sensitive but I know she will come out from the house as a strong personality.”

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