It’s the end of Zafar in Sony SAB’s Aladdin- Naam Toh Suna Hoga


There is finally a sigh of relief in Baghdad as Zafar’s (Aamir Dalvi) truth is out in front of everyone. With Aladdin (Siddharth Nigam) and Ginoo (Raashul Tandon) finally reunite with their family, there is a wave of happiness amongst everyone but all is not well so soon as there is another volcano ready to erupt in Aladdin’s life with the evil Mallika (Debina Bonnerjee) ready to pose a new challenge.

Debina Bonnerjee as Mallika

As Ammi (Smita Bansal) suggests life imprisonment for Zafar, instead of killing him, his sister Zeher succeeds in her attempts of freeing Zafar and acquiring the Paara that will bring Mallika to life. Their aim is to drop the Paara in the volcano which will eventually open the portal for Mallika to enter.

Meanwhile, as Aladdin and his gang realize Zafar and Zeher’s next steps, they rush behind them trying to stop them from causing the ultimate disaster.

After a desperate chase, left with no other option, Zafar decides to jump into the volcano with the Paara in his hand. Everyone’s worst nightmare is about to come to life as the portal for Mallika finally opens.

While one evil force, Zafar dies, the other is all set to create trouble in Baghdad.

Aamir Dalvi, playing the role of Zafar said, “Zafar has finally died and Aladdin and his family are celebrating their victory. Little do they know that the storm they tried to control is about to enter their lives. Mallika, the ultimate villain is here and she will not spare anyone. The character of Zafar has been really dear to me but it is finally coming to an end. I have enjoyed playing the character of Zafar and I am really overwhelmed with the love the audience has shown towards the character, even after it being a negative one.”

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