Here’s why the Director yelled at Sneha Wagh on the sets of Jyoti


Every actor aspires to be classified as a ‘one take artist’. The aim is always to perfectly mark the camera and perform with the exact amount of intensity that is needed and off course deliver dialogues without fumbling.

However, there are one-off days where all actors just don’t seem to connect with the emotions of a particular scene and are unable to give a shot that gives the feels. That’s when the director steps in with a tip or tricks up his sleeve and comes to the rescue.

Sharing one such interesting experience, Sneha Wagh who plays the title role in the show Jyoti, says, “There was a very emotional sequence where I had to deliver very intense dialogues and display strong feelings but I was just not able to do it that day. I was unable to cry in front of the camera. After a few takes, my director came to me and started yelling at me in front of everyone but I couldn’t put my head around the reason why he was doing so. This got me really uneasy and frustrated. Immediately we started with the next take, all the frustration balled up and came out as tears while I delivered my dialogues and it made up a perfect shot, that’s when I realized why my director did what he did.”

Seems like every director has their own way to get the best out of their actors.

Jyoti is a story of how a young woman who sacrifices her dreams in order to fulfill the needs of her family. She conquers all kinds of obstacles so that her family can lead a decent life.

Jyoti is currently airing on Dangal TV at 10 AM & 9 PM.

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