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Bigg Boss 16: Salman Khan slams Archana Gautam for her derogatory remarks for co-contestants Vikkas Manaktala and Shalin Bhanot


The weekend has arrived! The contestants of Bigg Boss 16 should better be prepared to get their weekly report from host Salman Khan.

This Shukravaar Ka Vaar, Salman is going to take class of Archana Gautam for her behavior with co-contestants Vikkas Manaktala and Shalin Bhanot. In the latest promo released by the channel, Salman is seen getting angry at Archana. Later in the promo, he warned Archana for her behavior.

In the promo, Salman is asking Archana as to why she dragged someone’s family and private matters in the fight. He went on to say that her reputation is ruined and she doesn’t know her limits.

Later, Salman warned Archana that if he holds the power to bring someone inside the house then he also has the power to oust someone.


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Archana was slammed by the netizens for her behavior with Vikkas during the fight. Even Ex-Bigg Boss contestant Rahul Vaidya had slammed Archana through his tweet.

‘Archana was sooo below the belt today! My heart was crying to see how helpless Vikkas and Shalin were feeling … it was soooooooo shallow of her to say “tu toh baap bhi nahi ban sakta” and “teri biwi do kaudi ki”. Like soooo low’ – he had tweeted.

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