Aparna Dixit does an Anand Ahuja… Wears a pair of canvas shoes under her wedding outfit


Wearing a heavy Indian outfit along with matching footwear and roaming around with a smile on your face for hours together can be a taxing affair! Women would relate to this. 

Aparna, who Plays the lead role of Srishti in the show Pyaar Ki Luka Chuppi on Dangal TV, sneaked her way to wearing a pair of canvas shoes under an Indian traditional attire while shooting for her wedding sequence.

Her heavy lehenga looked impeccable and scenes were shot with a breeze. This went on for hours but had one of the most comfortable footwear to go along.

She thanked her stars that the camera did not pan to her footwear. No wonder everybody was amazed as to how she shot without any breaks.

Remember the last time you saw a whacked out combination like this? Yes, it was Anand Ahuja at his wedding!

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