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Aneri Vajani is all set to celebrate her birthday at home with her family

Amid the coronavirus threat, multiple celebrities are practicing social distancing while urging their fans to stay indoors and use their time off, productively. 

Aneri Vajani who stars in Colors’ Pavitra Bhagya, is one such actress who planned to celebrate her birthday on 26th March with friends as well as the show’s cast and crew. However, in the wake of social distancing, she will be happily spending her birthday at home with her family.

Aneri is of the opinion that actors don’t get a lot of time for themselves, given their hectic schedules. Hence she plans to make most of this time off by learning new things and indulging in activities like meditating, cooking and more. She also looks forward to spending time with her family on her birthday.

Commenting on this Aneri Vajani said, “Times are tough but yet we have to stand strong. I was very excited to bring in my birthday this year with my friends and family because I am always working on my birthday. That said, I have always loved having a working birthday and celebrating with the cast and crew. This year too I was hoping for the same but now that we are stuck at home I will miss the tradition.  That being said, I firmly believe in safety first and in a crisis like this, we will have to make sure we keep ourselves safe. Hence now I am more excited and looking forward to this self-isolation birthday too, I will spend the day at home with my family and will try to learn some cooking, rearrange my room, play board games and meditate for sure.”

Happy Birthday, Aneri.

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