Vijayendra Kumeria dons producer’s hat


Actor Vijayendra Kumeria, who is currently seen in Star Bharat’s Sufiyana Pyar Mera as Madhav, has turned a producer.

Vijayendra and his wife Preeti have come up with their own production house named Kumeria Productions and the duo is coming up with a story for Crime Alert series on Dangal channel. 

Talking about his new venture as a producer, Vijayendra says,”I have been willing to produce a show for quite sometime now. I am happy that finally we are successful in making an episode named Sawli Bahu for Crime Alert. I am not acting in the show because currently I am busy with Sufiyana Pyar Mera and as a maker I feel to stay away from working in my own shows. My wife Preeti and a core team is looking after the content, planning and execution.”

So what was the need of turning a producer?

Vijayendra replied, “It is only for creative hunger. As an artist one would have many aspirations. Acting is not the only medium. There are many aspects like writing, producing and directing. Today there is so much scope for an artist to explore. The OTT platforms are doing so well. Then there are short films. So if you have the correct content, you know how and where to pitch, there’s nothing to stop you. We are also open to ideas and concepts which we can pitch for various platforms. Depending on the fate of this show we will be going further. Now that our show is ready for release, I get an extra adrenaline rush every time I see it. I am also thankful to my wife Preeti who understands me and my dream.”

Sawli Bahu will come on air on 3rd October.

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