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Spoiler Alert (Anupamaa) : Vanraj decides to Marry Kavya


Star Plus’ popular daily Anupamaa, is keeping the viewers glued to the ongoing episodes by bringing up new twists and turns.

Just when we thought that Vanraj (Sudhanshu Pandey) is feeling guilty about what he did with Anupamaa (Rupali Ganguly), he will be back to square one. Yes, you heard that right!

Vanraj will take a decision to leave his home and go back to Kavya (Madalsa Sharma). Read on to know how things will unfold further.

We hear that in the upcoming episodes of the show, Vanraj will confess his love for Anupamaa and just when he is about to fill Anupamaa’s hairline with Sindoor, she will stop her. She will make him realize that there is nothing left in between them. Kavya also reaches to the temple to talk to Vanraj and tells him that she wants to start afresh with her husband Anirudh (Rushad Rana) and she is giving their relationship a second chance. Vanraj will further question Kavya about her decision.

Shockingly, Vanraj will come home with Kavya and tell everyone that he wants to live with Kavya and he is leaving the house forever. He also tells everyone that he is going to marry Kavya and set Anupamaa free from his side.

Is Vanraj really serious about what he is saying or it is just a drama? Only time will tell.

Keep reading for more updates.

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