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Doing the same character or playing it safe is not right for an actor: Shashank Vyas

It is a fact well known that its not easy to become an actor. There are many look tests, auditions and workshops involved before coming on screen.

Actor Shashank Vyas rose to fame with his very first show Balika Vadhu, but it wasn’t easy for him. However, the actor has no regrets. “I know I worked really hard. I gave almost 285 auditions and there are certain principles that I haven’t changed over the years and I never will. I have believed I will reach where I want to and I have given everything to my work and I will give my hundred per cent till my last breath. The utmost sincerity of my work determines my success,” he says.

The actor further adds that he has been lucky to be able to play versatile roles on screen. “The casting director is the only person who can imagine you portraying a role totally opposite to where you come. The responsibility of an actor is that he or she should try different genres, doing the same character or playing it safe is not right. An actor should be versatile. I am very proud that in all the three shows (Balika Vadhu, Roop – Mard Ka Naya Swaroop and Jaana Na Dil Se Door), I am playing different roles,” he says.

Sharing his point of view about the notion of success, he says, “Honestly, I don’t believe in success at all.  I enjoy it but I don’t believe in it. I don’t want to understand its meaning. It’s just being on the set and doing your work, that’s it for me. I think that’s my maturity. I think we strive for success rather than perfection. The goal is not important, working towards a goal is important and that is what I enjoy. Initially, I was here for money but I realized that fame and money run towards you if you are sincere and perfect in your craft. If I get a number of fans, popularity and money, it doesn’t guarantee good work but the vice-versa is true.”

Shashank is currently focused on Bollywood and he will soon be seen in a film titled Laila Majnu.

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