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Devi : Aadi Parashakti becomes the first mythological show to resume shoot post lockdown

When the country was under lock down due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the actors were bound by the four walls. Actors were withdrawn from doing what they love the most ie. acting and entertaining the audience.

After a nearly four-month restriction, things are slowly picking up pace and our actors are getting back to their ‘love’. The audience thoroughly loved the re-runs of their favorite mythological shows during the lock down. Now, shoots have resumed with ‘Unlock’ and Devi : Aadi Parashakti becomes the first mythological show to go back on floors.

While shooting for a daily drama has its own set of requirements, aspects such as heavy costumes, make-up which completely changes the look of the actor, special headgear, grandeur of the scenes and hairstyles which often demand special treatment in a mythological show has its own set of challenges for the cast and crew. In what can be considered as post lockdown era which brings with it stringent guidelines, costume dramas have a task at hand.

Still from the sets of Devi : Aadi Parashakti

Taking cue from the guidelines and being a self-reliant and responsible artist, Rati Pandey has already taken on herself to do her own make-up and help to adjust to the new normal on the sets.

Getting back in front of the camera and playing the role of Goddess Parvati she says, “Honestly, I feel very good to have started working again. Ever since we started shooting, the production team has been on their toes as far as the sanitation and safety of the team is concerned. The crew is wearing masks and face shields. They are checking the temperature and blood pressure of everyone at regular intervals. Even the personal cars that we came in were sanitized.”

She further adds, “Since we are doing the wedding scene, the costume for me is very heavy. The climate being hot is only adding to the difficulty. I also cannot take off the mask unless I am shooting. The costume along with the mask is making it uncomfortable for me. Moreover all this, while we were on a sabbatical mode, getting back to shoot was a task initially but I am sure that we will settle into this new way of life very soon.”

Tarun Khanna and Rati Pandey shooting for a scene

The show that airs on Dangal TV has its set based in Umbergaon in Gujarat, which is a Green Zone. So, the leads Tarun Khanna and Rati Pandey were quarantined for 14 days along with the crew.

Sharing his experience, Tarun Khanna says, “Our producers are taking very good care of us. They have ensured that a doctor visits every team member’s room twice a day to get their temperature and pulse checked and also before we come in for the shoot. Right outside our studio we all are made to go through a sanitization tunnel. After that our temperatures are checked again and all the other protocols are taken care of. On a personal front, this is the first time I have been away from the camera for this long. I’m really happy to be back in front of the camera doing what I know best.”

Mythological shows generally need a larger team on set due to the theme requirements.

Kudos to the team of Devi : Aadi Parashakti who have managed to continue shooting keeping in mind all the guidelines and protocols.

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