Ankoor Venchurkr in Maharani Season 3

Ankoor Venchurkr Bags Maharani Season 3


Multitalented artist Ankoor Venchurkr, known for his extensive work as a cinematographer, is making a remarkable return to the screen as an actor in Maharani Season 3. In this upcoming season, he portrays the character Yamin, a negative role.

Ankoor expressed his joy in working with director Subhash Kapoor and Saurabh Bhave, praising their guidance and support during the shoot. He shared, “Its like a dream come true. It was a wonderful experience, working with Subhash Kapoor & Saurabh Bhave. Subhash sir’s direction was so wonderful. He gives space to the actor and Saurabh sir has always been very supportive and teaches you what they exactly want in the shot.”

Ankoor’s ambitions extend beyond his acting career. He passionately spoke about the untapped talent in Bhopal, his hometown, and his desire for local artists to receive more significant roles and recognition.

“I wanna thanks Gaurav Sarathe for casting me in Maharani S3. People from Bhopal have talent but still no one is exploring them, they are mostly given side roles. Once Bhopal theatre and artists were so rich in talent but now very less people think about Bhopal. I am just hoping, that people from Bhopal will get much bigger and recognized roles in projects. Bhopal still has talent and only thing they lack is, opportunity.”

In addition to his acting endeavors, Ankoor’s recent achievement as a director is noteworthy, as his film ‘Riktta’ garnered 18 awards at film festivals, including Dada Saheb Phalke 2023 award. Ankoor is not only focusing on acting but is also working on a documentary about the Bhopal Gas Tragedy.

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