Abhishek Nigam

Actor Abhishek Nigam Hospitalized Due to Viral Infection


Popular actor Abhishek Nigam, last seen in ‘Ali Baba: Dastaan-E-Kabul,’ has been admitted to the hospital due to a viral infection. The actor had been experiencing high fever for several days and had been sharing updates about his health on Instagram.

Providing reassurance to concerned fans, Abhishek’s brother and Actor, Siddharth Nigam, took to social media to clarify that it’s a viral infection and not dengue or malaria. He expressed gratitude for the prayers and assured everyone that Abhishek will recover soon. Siddharth also urged people to take care of themselves as viral infections are prevalent.

Abhishek, himself, shared a selfie from the hospital, stating that he had a peaceful sleep after three days, making it a good morning for him. He had written – ‘Had a good and peaceful sleep after three days and woke up without pain. So for me today’s morning is actually a good morning.’ Fans have flooded the comment section with well wishes, praying for his speedy recovery. Grateful for the support, Abhishek informed fans that he will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow, bringing relief to his well-wishers.

Wishing Abhishek Nigam a quick recovery and urging everyone to prioritize their health and safety during these times.

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