Pavitraa Puniya

Pavitraa Puniya Faces Wardrobe Malfunction During TV Shoot


‘Ishq Ki Dastaan Naagmani,’ actress Pavitraa Puniya, recently found herself in an unexpected situation during the filming of a TV show sequence when she experienced a wardrobe malfunction. The incident was caught on camera and shared by Pavitraa on her Instagram account.

In the posted video, Pavitraa can be seen running for a scene and accidentally falling, causing the hook of her blouse to come undone. She narrated the incident in her caption, calling it her first encounter with a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ and expressing her gratitude for her crew’s quick response.

Pavitraa went on to highlight the exceptional support she received from her camera crew, director Premji, co-actors Aleya and Karam, as well as her staff members. She used this experience to send a powerful message about the importance of recognizing that not all men are the same and encouraged a positive, nurturing form of feminism.

She wrote – “First time experience of something called “wardrobe malfunction” aaj Tak tv mein he dekha tha. #spinechilling I have been fortunate to be saved and through this scary incidence I got to know how much my whole unit of crew members loves me 🙏🥹 I just get so overwhelmed thinking of this moment of time 🕰️ The cameras 🎥 went off , and voices I could hear was “kapda leke aao jaldiiiii” , camera cut karo “,they were running here and there and these words were coming from boys , men’s mouth.
My camera team @saurabhgupta_013 ye bhaaga tha sabse pehle bua ko cover karne.
And whole camera crew present in our unit. My director Premji And actors aleya and karam.
Of course my staff too @hairstylist.julie@neelsannaresh , Pooja jha

P.S – this video was recorded on my phone 📱 by my makeup artist for #bts but it turned out to be this.

Just wanted to say not all men are same.
Clear toxic feminism and let’s blossom it in a nurturing force that makes everything bloom.”

Take a look at her Instagram post below –


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Fans of the actress commended for her courage in handling the situation and for openly sharing her experience. The post received a flood of supportive comments from her admirers, demonstrating their concern for her well-being and admiration for her openness. “That’s really scaryyy 😢 n the caption 🙌🏻❤️ needs guts to even write n share about it and thank people who helped u” – a fan wrote. “U handle it very well 👌hope u are alright 💓🙏” – another one commented.

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